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There's a great deal of useful information on child development available on the web. One of the greatest challenges in being able to find informaiton that is relevant, accessible and authorative. I've started collecting some of the more useful resources here and hope they can be of use to you.

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References and Sites//

Child Health Fact Sheets & Resources:


- National and State Parenting Guides


- Sydney Children's Hospital Parent Guides & Fact Sheets


- Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital Parent Fact Sheets


Canberra Child and Family Centres & Services:

- ACT Child & Family Centres


- Guide to Children's Services in the ACT


Therapy ACT Services:

- ACT Therapy


- Autism Services


Speech Pathology


- Speech Pathology Australia


Psychology Reference Site


- Australian Psychology Society


Learning Difficulties


- Learning Difficulties Coalition


Autism Related Services


- Autism Asperger ACT 


(Autism Aspert ACT run free "Early Days Workshops for parents of preschool children with ASD, as well as their introductory workshop to help newly-diagnosed families naviagte the system, as well as skill-based workshops focusing on specific strategies for parenting children with ASD)

- Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)


- PlayConnect Playgroups - autism-specific playgrounds for children with ASD or ASD-like symptoms




- Vanderbilt Parent Form


- Vanderbilt Teacher Form


- Strengths & Difficulties Parent 4 to 10


- Strengths & Difficulties Teacher 4 to 10


- Strengths & Difficulties Parent 11 to 17


- Strengths & Difficulties Self 11 to 17


- Strengths & Difficulties Teacher 11 to 17